No-rinse hair mousse mask
With avocado extracts
150 ml.
mousse masks
It nourishes and makes your hair shiny
For dyed hair and highlights

SPUM nourishing mousse for dyed hair and highlights is a cutting-edge hair cosmetics product. This mousse-mask for instant no-rinse treatments transforms its liquid contents into a quickly absorbed nourishing foam. It contains avocado with vitamin E (antioxidant) which reduces brittle hair up to 80%. It also contains fruit extracts high in hydroxy acids which guarantee the renewal of the hair's oil cycle. Spum leave-on mousse mask nourishes and soothes your hair leaving it with all its natural bounciness.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Gently press on the dispenser until you obtain a soft cloud of mousse in your hand. Apply the mousse onto wet or dry hair from the roots to the ends. Comb.
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